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Hi I'm Jordan.

Entrepreneur, Developer, Speaker

Hi I'm Jordan Casey, a 24 year old entrepreneur, software engineer and global speakers who has been working in the global technology space for the past 14 years.

Since I taught myself to write computer code at the age of 9, I've been incredibly lucky to have founded and co-founded a number of highly successful technology startups.

I've also been lucky to establish myself as a global public speaker with over 300 events in 31 countries on 5 continents. Highlights include 7 TEDx Talks, Cannes Lions, Dubai Knowledge Submmit and Web Summit.

I'm passionate about a huge number of areas such as youth entrepreneurship, education, bitcoin and emerging technologies and I'm lucky to have acted as an ambassador for a number of organisations in this field such as the European Union, SETU, The Government of Dubai and the EUIPO.

Global Speaker









I am incredibly passionate about speaking on a diverse range of topics that hold deep meaning to me. Sharing my journey and experiences has always been an integral part of my speaking. I firmly believe in the power of storytelling to inspire and connect with others. Additionally, my dedication to youth entrepreneurship and education has fueled my desire to empower young minds and foster a spirit of innovation

My work with emerging technologies have led me to delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence, Bitcoin, and other advancements. My engagements have taken various forms, including delivering keynote speeches, participating in panel discussions, and engaging in fireside chats. Moreover, I have recently expanded my reach by running multiple-hour online workshops, allowing for in-depth exploration and interactive learning experiences.

I take pride in addressing a diverse range of audience sets. From corporate leaders seeking innovation to global politicians, and students at all levels eager to learn and grow, I strive to tailor my talks to engage and resonate with each unique group.

Through my speaking, I aim to ignite curiosity, inspire action, and foster meaningful conversations. It is my greatest pleasure to contribute to the growth of people from all walks of life, as we collectively embrace the opportunities and challenges around us.

Check out some of my work below:

Who I've Worked With


I perform a number of different services tailoring to all digital needs

My Skills

Website Creation
Image by Florian Olivo
Image by Jason Goodman

Web Development

With expertise in native development and as a Wix partner, I offer seamless solutions across major web builders like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and BigCommerce. From stunning websites to flawless e-commerce integration.

App Development

Ignite your mobile presence with my mobile app development services. With extensive experience crafting cutting-edge apps for major corporations on both iOS and Android platforms, I have the expertise to bring app ideas to life. 

Digital Consultancy & Leader

Supercharge your digital marketing strategy and harness the power of technology with my expert consultancy services. With a wealth of experience in the field, I offer guidance on leveraging the latest digital trends to drive growth and results.

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